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Geographical advantages

The cooperative zone is located on the "six economic corridors" of Indonesia. It highly aggregates the local natural and economic resources of Indonesia, and plays a strategic leading role in rapidly integrating the economic chain in the region and promoting the flow, agglomeration and optimal allocation of economic factors in the region. Among them, Kalimantan Island has flat terrain, abundant rivers, abundant rainfall, long illumination time and suitable temperature for palm growth. Nanpung Port, adjacent to the Sunda Strait, relies on convenient conditions such as water terminal and land transportation to build an international logistics platform.

Environmental advantages

In recent years, frequent visits between China and Indonesia have provided a stable political and economic environment for the construction of the cooperation zone. In October 2013, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Indonesia. The Chinese Government and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia signed the Five-Year Development Plan for Economic and Trade Cooperation between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. In March 2015, Indonesian President Zoko paid a state visit to China. The two countries reached a number of consensus conducive to bilateral development. The construction project of China-Indonesia Julong Agricultural Industry Cooperation Zone is an important agricultural industry cooperation project signed under the witness of the two heads of state. Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Indonesia in May 2018 further strengthened the economic and trade relations between China and Indonesia. China's friendly cooperation with Indonesia has opened a new voyage.

Advantages of Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure in the cooperative zone has been continuously optimized and improved. At present, basic supporting facilities such as roads, water supply, power supply, drainage, communication and land leveling have been completed in the zone. At the same time, supporting facilities such as office space, staff apartments, sports and fitness, catering and entertainment have been established.

Management advantage

China-Indonesia Julong Agricultural Industry Cooperation Zone implements the responsibility system of management committee. The cooperation zone consists of consulting service companies, property management companies, production material supply companies and other platforms and professional companies. The division of labor is clear, each department has its own responsibilities, based on the development of agricultural resources and services, to improve the efficiency of enterprises and the level of service in the cooperation zone.

Service advantages

In order to meet the needs of Indonesia's investment and economic and trade services, we will provide healthy and efficient integrated park services for the production and operation of enterprises.

1. Assist investment enterprises in handling business licenses and related matters;

2. Assist employees of investment enterprises to apply for visas and other related matters;

3. Coordinating services with relevant Indonesian departments and institutions;

4. Provide local staff recruitment and labor relations management services for resident enterprises;

5. Providing intermediary services such as Indonesian law, accounting, investment consultation and investment agency;

6. Warehousing and transportation services;

7. Assist in the construction and expansion of the plant.

Creating a Community of Destiny

During the construction of the cooperative zone, we strictly abide by international standards such as RSPO and Indonesian national standards such as ISPO to develop resources, carry out "cooperative planting" with local farmers and increase integration with local residents, actively fulfill social responsibilities and fully respect the religious beliefs of local people, and invest a large amount of money in river excavation, road construction, power plant construction, signal tower, school construction. Infrastructure facilities, such as health clinics and pure temples, and cultural and educational facilities, will improve the production and living environment of local people and jointly create a good community of destiny. The development and construction of the cooperative zone has won wide recognition and support from the local government and people.